How do I earn up to € 20,000 with a simple real estate sales tip? Step 1: your contact details Simply send us your contact details via email ( or the contact form on the website ( We will contact you and clarify all questions about the property to be sold. Do not forget to state the code number of the cooperation partner card, if you do this through our cooperation partner campaigns. The list of our cooperation partners can be found on this web page Step 2: selling the property If the property owner has decided to sell with Markus Sahm Real Estate, the property will be marketed through me. You will be constantly informed of the current sales status. This is followed by the successful sale of the property Step 3: Your referral commission As soon as the purchase price has been paid, the broker's commission is also received by Markus Sahm Real-Estate. As a tipster, you will then receive 10% of our net brokerage commission directly into your account. The requirements for your real estate tip In order to have a firm footing in law, we need the consent of the house owner that you can pass on the contact details to us. This is sufficient in the form of a mail from the owner. Note that you can only act as a tipster if you do not live in the property yourself or if you are married to the owner. It is also important that the property for sale is not already being served by another broker and is for sale. Please also ensure that the transfer of personal data of the house owner is permitted and that the owner agrees to the transfer. Who can be a tipster? Basically everyone, with the exception of a few professions and people who live in the property or are married to the homeowner. We advise you to clarify with your employer whether the activity of the tipster in this case conflicts with your activity. Tax information: If a tipster achieves more than € 256 in income per year, private individuals are obliged to tax this income as other income according to §22 (3) ESTG. If you repeatedly work as a tipster, this activity may be subject to VAT for you. Please clarify this with your tax advisor to be on the safe side.