Welcome to Markus Sahm - Real Estate. 

Your platform for luxury real estate in Berlin & Brandenburg, as well as for real estate support in the high-end real estate segment of Mallorca. 

I offer the "creme de la creme" of dream properties. You can only face prospective buyers with a clear conscience if you only have the most perfect and dreamy properties in the top locations in your portfolio. Only those properties come into my exquisite portfolio in which I would be willing to enjoy my life myself and which meet the demands of a luxury property. How do you define a luxury property? For some it is a "luxury" to be able to call a house one's own. In general, however, there are properties that score with top locations, individual construction methods, paired with a large plot of land and living space, as well as with high-quality interior fittings. Another characteristic of luxury properties is the price: a property could be classified in the “luxury” category from a sales price of around EUR 800,000. For condominiums, the usual limit is around 5,000-7,000 euros per square meter. The upper limits are open: square meter prices of 15,000 euros and more are no longer uncommon. Condominiums in the luxury category are characterized, among other things, by a caretaker service and a concierge. Such objects are often equipped with fitness rooms, saunas and wellness areas. An important criterion is the location of the property. The house owners of a luxury property love to live in a quiet environment, in a secluded area with appropriate privacy. Safety and an upscale social environment are also important to owners of luxury homes. Inside there are high-quality bathrooms and kitchens, electrical systems and heating systems are increasingly being offered in the BUS system and in some cases are already regarded as the standard for luxury properties.

 Wikipedia defines it this way:

 The "bus" is a data line that connects many components one behind the other. The data can jump up or down at each “data stop”. Bus systems also work without a central control logic. As a rule, however, a smart home server ensures intelligent home automation.